Links and Resources

Road sign to education and career

Career Sites

AAAS Science Careers

ASCB Career Development


The Individual Development Plan – The myIDP lets you lay out your strengths and weaknesses and set up a personal plan for preparing for a certain career path

Cheeky Scientist – A membership-based group meant for preparing PhDs for careers in industry

Bioscience Career Profiles – A blog with various biology career paths

From PhD to Life – Career advice and counseling for PhDs

Versatile PhD – Large online community dedicated to non-academic careers

Future of Research – They host a yearly symposium about the grad student/postdoc workforce

The National Postdoc Association


Article from Science Careers summarizing a 2012 survey of Postdocs that provides advice and perspective: The Postdoc Experience: High Expectations, Grounded in Reality

PhD transferable skills

Scizzle Blog – career advice articles

The Muse – Lots of job search articles and career advice

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